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Trikonasthanas or trikonas or trines are conventionally the Lagna or the Birth-ascendant, the fifth and the ninth bhava or house counted from the Lagna (or the Chandra-lagna or the Surya-lagna). They form the Dharma-trikona and are also known as the Lakshmisthanas, these bhavas and their lords signify luck and prosperity. The Lagna is both, a kendrasthana and a trikonasthana.

As per hindu Mythology Kendras are the houses of Vishnu and Trines are the houses of Goddess Laxmi,.Lord Vishnu is related to stability, security and savings that overcome the limits of goddess laxmi which is related to the progress and development of a person but lacks stability.

There are four sets of trikonasthanas (Trines). The first set comprises the 1st house or the lagna, the 5th house (which is also a succeedent house or a panapara) and the 9th house (which is also a cadent house or an apoklima), which three are the trinal houses of righteousness and form the Dharma-trikona. The second set comprises the 2nd house (which is a succeedent house), the 6th house (which is a cadent house and an upachayasthana) and the 10th house (which is a quadrant i.e. a kendra, and an upachayasthana), which three are the trinal houses for material possessions and form the Artha-trikona. The third set comprises the 3rd house (which is a cadent house and an upachayasthana), the 7th house (which is a quadrant or a kendra) and the 11th house (which is a succeedent house and an upachayasthana), which are the trinal houses for sensual enjoyments and form the Kama-trikona. The fourth set comprises the 4th house (which is a quadrant or a kendra), the 8th house (which is a succeedent house) and the 12th house (which is a cadent house), which three are the trinal houses for final emancipation and form the Moksha-trikona. These are mathematically determined by dividing the whole circle of 360 degrees into three divisions beginning from the point of the rising lagna, the scheme which is also followed in the arrangement of twenty seven nakshatras into three sets of nine each beginning from the Janma-nakshtra succeeded by Sampat, Vipat, Khshemya, Pratwara, Sadhaka, Naidhana, Maitra and Parama-maitra.


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