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wazifa for love

Wazifa for lost love

When the word ‘Love’ is mentioned anywhere, the humans feel refreshed and quivers. They start enjoying these noble emotions, and wafts of sweet perfume. The word ‘Lover’ also raises the soul of man above the sky, cleansing him with purified water. Love is an intuition; a sense of heart through which the hearts of the two lovers attract and relate together emotionally.

In fact, it is also a deep-rooted, indispensable part of the nature of humankind.  Sometimes, it is controlled by ones’ will if a lover chooses the pure and chaste love and wills to live the life of those who are pious. Islam, with its reality, which is represented by its nature, morality, and legislation, acknowledges the importance of love that it rooted in man’s entity. Moreover, this feeling has been produced by the only creator of all, ALLAH Subhanahu Wata Ala, The Only Master!

How to Execute the Wazifa for Lost Love Powerful Islamic Instant Spell in English?

Please perform this Istikhara Wazifa Amal only for reasonable love and not for unjust love and attraction.

ü  You can start this amal any day and at any reasonable time.

ü  Get a pure rose water (approximately a less than half of tea cup) before reciting this amal. Fill this rose water in a pure and cleansed bowl made with earthen clay.

ü  In the state of new ablution.

ü  Sit on a prayer mat/rug.

ü  Please keep imagining the lover and start reciting Ya Wadoodo on the prayers beads 800 times.

ü  After this, blow it on that cup of rose water.

ü  Afterwards, drink this rose water.

ü  Make a dua to ALLAH Ta’ala to create love in your lover’s heart.

ü  Do not talk to anyone and lose your concentration while performing this amal. Else you will lose the essence.

ü  Execute this wazifa for 11 days continuously without skipping any single day.


Who cannot perform this Wazifa for Lost Love Instant Love Spell?

ü  The one who love non-Muslim girl or boy.

ü  The one who himself/herself is non-Muslim and loves a Muslim girl/boy. In this case, he/she has to convert to Islam first and then go ahead with this wazifa for lost love.

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