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2017 Horoscope

Aries 2017 horoscope
Aries 2017 horoscope is full of good news when it comes to gaining recognition; you are likely to do really well this year. 2017 will lay solid foundation for your success provided you remain determined and focused.
In the 2017 horoscope for Aries, it is quite apparent that this year, you would travel frequently and most of your journeys will be of long distances. Some abroad trips are also on the cards that could bring good results to your life. Court cases and other legal disputes will result in your favor and you would be able to mark your destiny with your own efforts and labor. 2017 Aries horoscope warns you of some upcoming challenges too. There could be troubles in getting results of your efforts and recognition. You would face up to the hurdles with a competitive spirit whether in career, education or any other area of life. However, being the real Aries, you should also remember that challenges always come to teach us something that is necessarily required for us. All the challenges would thus bring positive results and at the end of the year, you would be happy to know that you have learnt a lot while you gaining many things during this year.
You should control your excessive sensuality during first few months of the year as it may lead you to health issues or defame. However, you will get many opportunities to fulfill your desires that are long awaited.
So Aries, be prepared for a Journey with bumpy rides and we wish you come out as a winner!
Aries 2017 career and business horoscope: In this year, planets will help you giving direction to your career. You have to work hard this year, and you are capable too. In fact, you would work quite efficiently. Your work would speak or itself and you might get a promotion too. Luck will also support you in taking wise decisions regarding your career in 2017. Period from end of January until April will boost your career however, there may be some unwanted tensions at work from April to August as your efforts might not be recognized and you may feel lack of interest in work too. 2017 career horoscope for Aries also forecasts that the period starting from mid of June to last week of October may give some troubles in career and you may have to change your job too but thereafter, things would take a turn for the better and the time for you to shine out will come.
Aries who are into business will see some ups & downs during this period. February to May would bring respite as the inflow of money would increase and your business will also touch new heights but thereafter until mid of October, you may see fall in your business and some losses are likely too. You may have to struggle to get desired results, indicates the Aries 2017 business horoscope. From September onwards, your issues would lessen and you would slowly rise in business and related activities. You may kick off a new business partnership after September and this is likely to improve your status as well as bring expansion in business.
Taurus 2017 Horoscope
2017 horoscope of Taurus suggests that during this year, your personal life will improve and you will come off as a good lover and a gentle personality. You will get full support from your partner and will leave no stone unturned to give your wholehearted love and care to your near & dear ones.
Taurus in 2017 will unfold some secret ways in their life and some sudden changes are also possible. All you need to do this year is to continue your good work with full willpower, as you may not get much support of luck. Your solid efforts will become the reason to enjoy a pleasant time this year.
You will have inclination towards learning new things and will be keen to increase your ability in order to achieve something big and you will succeed in your ventures too. After August, you may initiate foreign travel. This year will beget many good results for you but you need to remain determined and give your best shot to achieve your desired goal.
Taurus 2017 Career and Business: Dear Taurus, as per your 2017 horoscope, the year would be quite tough for career, as your profession lord Saturn will move into your eighth house. Some sudden incidents are possible which may develop big changes in your career. It is likely that you may change your current place of work or you may lose interest in what you do. Taurus, career in 2017 still seems promising as you may get recognition, rise in career or promotion during June to October. Rest of the period will be quite tough so you need to work hard to remain in good books of seniors.
Your relationship with your seniors will be quite favourable however; they will have a watch over you. They like your work so if you are a little tactful in the way you handle them, your seniors will shower favours upon you. After September, you may face some issues with them.
Your team members or associate will be quite helpful however, you need to communicate with them in a polite way. They may be quite emotional and if they feel that you do not respect their emotions or support them, they may be hostile so be with them in the hour of need and they will help you in all manners.
Those in business will see some huge ups and downs during this year, as per Taurus 2017 business horoscope. But you have good intellect and you will take good decisions with caution and make some good business strategies to succeed in the market. During the period from May end till mid of September, your business will flourish and if you invest in a proper way, your business may achieve good growth by the end of the year. If you wish to start any new business, the period before the end of January or during June to September is favourable.
Gemini 2017 Horoscope
2017 is beginning with some new opportunities for Gemini. While some challenges will make your journey a bit tough but all these are essential for your growth. As the Gemini horoscope for 2017 suggests, you need to open up your wings to fly with self-confidence in order to achieve growth and prosperity. Your luck would support you tremendously and the hard work you put in will play important role in your success during 2017.
Gemini horoscope for 2017 indicates that you should share your thoughts with others to let them understand you and your abilities to get recognition. During 2017, you may have to opt for relocation due to work as a new residence is on the cards. All these changes are quite evident in our forecast for Gemini 2017.
Health of your mother may give you some mental worries, but on the other hand, your father will succeed in his endeavors. You will have a religious bent of mind this year and may spend on virtuous pursuits. As Horoscope of Gemini for 2017 foretells, April, second fortnight of August and December will be quite crucial, as your decision-making ability would be weak during these periods. During these periods, you need to avoid taking any important decisions. You could rely on January, March and September to make any important moves in life.
Finally, 2017 is approaching with new ideas and frequent travels. You may be quite fond of travelling to new places and exploring natural beauty this year. You may also develop hobby of photography or acting during this year and it will soothe your soul.
Gemini 2017 career and business horoscope: You will get recognition in career, especially during February to May end and thereafter from October onwards. Mental distress would increase, as work pressure would demand much of your time and efforts. 2017 Gemini career horoscope depicts that during this year, you may change your job location or company and it would lead to rise in your career. Your boss or seniors may have an aggressive attitude that you need to tackle with patience. Team members may conspire hence; do not depend much upon them for work and do things on your own.
Gemini business horoscope 2017 forecasts that if you were dealing in fields such as heavy machinery, oil, mining, gas, automotive parts, you would get tremendous success during this year. In other businesses too, you will succeed as you will take wise decisions and your ideas for competing against your market rivals will be fruitful and beget very good results.
This year will bring good hike in your position and planets would let you excel with your abilities & perform well. During 2017, you will get tremendous success and all you need to do is keep a kind attitude.
Cancer 2017 Horoscope
During 2017, Cancer natives would be inclined towards religious and virtuous pursuits. The planetary position in the Cancer 2017 horoscope indicates that you would initiate various journeys during this year and most of these would be of short distance. You would feel more connected to your religious views and would perform good deeds.
Cancer horoscope for 2017 also foretells that after mid of September, there will be big changes in your thinking and it seems that you would experience freedom of opinions and would feel on top of the world. However, you need to be more determined and focused pertaining to your work, health and do not try to indulge in any controversy or dispute.
In the beginning of 2017, intimacy in your relationship would be higher than ever but you should be attentive as it may hamper your image in society as your secrets may come out this year.
Being a family-oriented person, you would be able to give your whole-hearted love to your family and people close to your heart. You should welcome changes and are likely to give your best. Hard work will be the key to success for Cancer people during 2017. If you wish to go for higher education, you may go ahead before September, as it will be a favorable period for you. The detailed Cancer 2017 horoscope below would help you prepare for the challenges and achievements in the times to come.
Cancer 2017 Career and Business Horoscope: In January, you may have some issues with your current workplace and atmosphere there. It is also likely that you may have a decline in your position but, if you keep your patience, your career will flourish with your hard work from February onwards. 2017 Career Horoscope for Cancer suggests that March-April will bring good results for your career and you would gain authority and position at work.
After Mid of September, you would have more ideas to give your career a new direction to achieve pinnacle of success. Cancer 2017 horoscope for business suggests that during 2017, you would have to give a serious thought to business as there could be some troubles but due to your intelligence, you would be able to overcome such situations. You would initiate journeys after September to make new connections to gain in business and you will succeed in it.
Leo 2017 horoscope
Leo will be the influential people during 2017. However, people may not understand them well so they may have mixed opinion about others. Some hasty decisions of Leo natives may shock others and even they themselves at times would not be able to understand why they have taken such decisions.
According to Leo 2017 horoscope, you may have obstacles in continuing your education especially during February to June and thereafter from November to December. You would have to put in extra efforts to achieve success in your educational endeavors.
You may feel rise in your sensuality at the beginning of 2017 but as the year goes by, you will manage your life very well.
Leo Horoscope for 2017 also forecasts that you would travel frequently during this year and there may be big changes in your current workplace or a change of residence may take place. Siblings will maintain a cordial relationship and would help you in accomplishing goals. However, sometimes you may hurt them with your arrogance. Your mother's health will improve from February. However, she may experience some issues during June to October. From November onwards, she will enjoy a healthy life. February and August will be some tough months for your father but rest of the period will be fine for him.
As per Leo 2017 horoscope, you would get name and fame from mid of April to mid of May and from mid of August until mid of September. However, in the meanwhile during mid of July until mid of August, you should be careful with your decisions and actions as you end up defamed or ill-reputed.
2017 will bring elevation in your life and until the end of this year, you would find yourself in a position where you wished to see yourself. All you need is self-confidence to deal with the challenges like a king, which every Leo has inside him / her.
Leo 2017 career and business horoscope: You would be able to shape your career as per your ideas and this will affect your career in a positive or negative way. You need to avoid gossiping at work, as it could give you troubles. According to Leo 2017 career horoscope, during January and February, you may receive good news pertaining to your career thereafter for the next two months you need to be a bit careful as there are chances of decline in position or lack of recognition. Thereafter, things will move back into your favor and you will do very well in career.
Leo 2017 business horoscope shows that if you wish to start any new business, it would be better to do it before September. February to June will beget good results in your business and your business will flourish especially until September. Your own efforts would help you tremendously to expand your business and your fertile mind will become a reason for your solid business tactics.
Virgo 2017 Horoscope
Virgo, you would flourish in many fields during 2017 and your decisions are likely to affect your career as well as other areas of life in a positive way. You would feel more positivity inside and your intellect would help you in various situations throughout the year.
According to Virgo 2017 horoscope, your luck supports you and your social status may rise during this year. Some foreign trips are possible and change your current residence is also in the cards.
Health of mother could be low hence; your attention is required in the matter. Your father would be fine mostly, however, during the period until end of January and between June and October, you need to take care of your parents as they may suffer from low immunity or health complications.
As per the Virgo 2017 horoscope, you would get good results after September and would receive many opportunities in life to achieve success in your undertakings. Your opponents would try to trouble you but after September, you would dominate over them and totally outshine.
You would get good results in partnerships. However, after September, there could be some troubles. Both elder and younger siblings would be favorable. During mid of June until mid of October, younger siblings may have some challenges pertaining to their career and health.
Overall, 2017 would bring peace, prosperity and popularity in your life and all you need to do is to embrace it with open arms and do your job with full dedication and commitments. All the best!
Virgo 2017 career and business horoscope: During 2017, you may get a positive change in your career either through a job change or due to relocation. Your financial position may tumble during April, second fortnight of August and December, hence do not start any new business nor go for any big decisions related your career.
2017 career & business horoscope shows that you may expand your business during the period from September to October and are likely to get good results. Between February and June, you may change your line of work and go to a different place to work.
You would remain quite busy throughout the year due to your business or career exigencies and your world would demand much of your time hence you should be well prepared for it so that you can utilize this favorable year to maximum possible extent.
Growth in career and business from September onwards is also visible in the Virgo 2017 career & business horoscope. Many opportunities would be there to flourish your income and elevation in career and business may come.
Libra 2017 Horoscope
2017 is bringing new hopes, ideas and ventures for Libra natives. Your balanced nature would certainly help achieve great success in many areas this year. Your life would improve tremendously and you would accomplish many goals you had in mind.
According to Libra 2017 horoscope, you would utilize your potential quite well during 2017 and would receive many gains and overall growth. Your determination and courage would increase this year, which would help put in more efforts and bring good results in different areas of life this year.
You would become a frequent traveler during 2017 and would initiate several short as well as long journeys. Good news is that you would receive ample opportunities to grow further and earn more. Most of your journeys would be fruitful. A few trips would be with family and friends and you may also go for picnic or leisure trips.
You would become more charitable and religious this year and would perform virtuous deeds throughout. Health of parents, especially mother would be troublesome and needs to be well taken care off.
Your siblings may suffer with ill health for quite some time, especially during February to May end. For rest of the time, health would remain quite good. It is likely that you would spend money on some legal matters or disputes. You would be able to pay off your bank loans or debts with sincere efforts.
As per Libra 2017 horoscope, you may put on weight in 2017 hence need to maintain proper routine pertaining to your food habits and workout. Overall, this year would be more positive than the previous one.
Libra 2017 career and business horoscope: As regards your career during 2017, you would observe a transfer or job change. This change would come from January onwards itself. However, we suggest you to think positively and work efficiently as some reluctance or laziness could be there. This could halt your progress and you could miss some good opportunities of career growth. Libra 2017 career horoscope shows some issues with seniors so you need to work hard to remain in good books of your seniors. They may conspire against you so be attentive. After September, situations would be favorable for you. Team members would remain helpful, provided you treat them well.
Libra 2017 business horoscope forecasts that those who are in business should be careful while starting new a business, as during 2017, profit would be quite less. Partnerships would not be much favorable hence do not go for a new one and maintain balance in existing one. Your profits would fluctuate throughout the year. You should focus on new avenues and opportunities that come to you, and must grab and utilize the new prospects efficiently. Your business would grow from June to October quite positively; however, growth would be limited. Hence, prepare yourself to tackle all these challenges with courage.
Scorpio 2017 Horoscope
2017 would bring much relief for Scorpio. You would experience a lot of relaxation and mental peace during this year. Saturn would come back to Scorpio from June to October and this period may be marked by some obstacles. According to Scorpio 2017 horoscope, your priorities would change in 2017 and a pressure that you have been feeling for quite long would lessen eventually. You would enjoy good mental peace.
Health of mother would be fine and she would recover from past illness, if any. Father would observe a hectic schedule and may feel tired at times. During this year, especially from February to June and thereafter from October onwards, your siblings may face some health issues but you could expect some favors and gains through them.
As per the Scorpio 2017 horoscope, you might initiate some fruitful journeys this year and these would bring rewards throughout the year. It is likely that you may sell out your current house and may look for a new one.
During the period from June to September, you would feel lack of interest in many things. You may be inclined towards unscrupulous deeds and your stamina would also be down so you may feel like giving up on many challenges but, as the time proceeds, you would do very well and would become a winner in all areas of life.
2017 Scorpio horoscope predicts that during November and December, you may go for a trip abroad. You should work upon your mental peace; hence, meditation would be a better option so make it a part of your routine life. You would gain interest in learning and acquiring education too.
Elder siblings would give you good advice and if you accept it with an open heart, you would experience good changes in your life. Overall, Scorpio, you have full liberty to do what you want, just respect the limitations and enjoy the journey called life during 2017.
Scorpio 2017 career and business horoscope: During 2017, you need to work hard sincerely while your mind searches for short cuts and tricks This approach could trouble you later. According to Scorpio career horoscope 2017, the period from mid of February to mid of March could be troublesome and it is likely that you may indulge in any conspiracy or there may be false allegations against you. During this period, you should be attentive of your associates. Thereafter, situation would come in your favor. During this year, you would observe a tight and busy schedule at work and would implement new ideas.
Scorpio 2017 business horoscope shows that your siblings would support you in establishing a new business or support you financially as well. Partnership would be beneficial for you as both of you would enjoy good profit. During this year, you need to adopt a more serious approach towards your work and avoid easy ways. Overstress at work could lead to exhaustion and it could impact your decision making ability hence; do not over work your brain and enjoy good career and business activities as suggests the Scorpio 2017 career and Business horoscope.
Sagittarius 2017 Horoscope
Dawn of 2017 would bring many achievements for Sagittarius! You would enjoy a blissful life where everything would be almost perfect. According to Sagittarius 2017 horoscope, you would have a resolute mind hence would take wise decisions that would lead you to the road of success in many ways.
Your mother would enjoy a great and healthy life and she would recover from any past illnesses as well. Your father may have some differences with you but after mid of September, planetary movement would remove this gap. Your relationship with siblings would be fluctuating. However, during February to June and thereafter in November and December, their personal growth would be good and they would also be supportive to you. For rest of the period, they may become a reason of your worries or wealth losses.
As per the Sagittarius 2017 horoscope, you would initiate some long journeys during 2017 and a few of them could be foreign trips too. Journeys between mid of June until end of October would be beneficial. You may also go for pilgrimage and your inclination towards mysteries of life would increase too this year.
During 2017, it is likely that you may buy a new house for your family or may also beautify your ancestral house. It would help you cherish your memories and enable a comfortable life. Your chances of acquiring a new vehicle or property are also present hence; you could look forward to a good and comfortable life this year.
Overall, Sagittarius 2017 horoscope shows a fruitful year ahead as you would get success in your undertakings and some of your long awaited desires would also fulfill during this year. So, in order to gain in various aspects of life, be prepare and welcome 2017 would open arms.
Sagittarius 2017 career and business horoscope: Your professional status would improve and you may get new position at work. Your wise decisions would help you in achieving your career related goals and your respect among your colleagues would increase. Your efforts would get recognition. Sagittarius 2017 career and business horoscope depicts that you would see a major rise in your career in 2017. However, you should not lose your focus at work, especially during April, from mid to end of August and December, as during these periods, some issues may arise pertaining to your work.
If you are into business, this year would give you fair chances to expand and implement new strategies. If you are into partnership, this is year to work hard to get fruitful results. You need to do much work to turn circumstances in your favor. After September, business would increase further. As per Sagittarius business horoscope 2017, if you are associated with education, finance or consultancy related work, you would get excellent results this year and you would be able to maintain a good status in the society as well as among your professional network.
Capricorn 2017 Horoscope
Dear Capricorn, 2017 is the year when you would see many fluctuations in your health, income and other aspects of life. This year, your main Lord Saturn would test you and throw challenges and if you perform well with sincerity, it might bless you with many good things in life. Chances of a trip abroad exist in the 2017 Capricorn horoscope. If you have been planning to settle abroad or wish to go to foreign countries, 2017 is a promising year.
You would do very well at places far from your current residence. It is likely that a few of you may receive good name and fame through foreign associations. Health of parents would be fine and they would have a good time, however, occasional issues may persist. Your siblings, especially younger ones would do well in their field and may be more cooperative & friendly towards you. They would help you tremendously to improve your finance and other important undertakings in life.
Capricorn 2017 horoscope also suggests that you should not indulge in any wrongful activities, as you may have to pay for it during last quarter of 2017. You would be more inclined towards religion or spirituality and may go in for pilgrimages during the year with your family or loved ones.
Your name and fame in society would increase as you would become more charitable and may indulge in other social service activities. People would recognize your work hence you should do well in life during 2017.
Overall, this year would give mixed results and you should understand to maintain balance in various activities throughout the year as it would be the test of your capabilities and potential as evident in Capricorn 2017 horoscope.
Capricorn 2017 career and business horoscope: In the beginning of 2017, you would be in a good position at work and would get support from your seniors too. Luck would support you hence your efforts and work would be recognized well. As per Capricorn 2017 career horoscope, if you are in job, you may consider a switch after September. It is also likely that you may adopt your hobby as your career during September to November. Be cautious during December as you may face some issues in career matters.
Capricorn 2017 business horoscope shows a good business potential during 2017. January would beget good results in business. If you wish to start a new business or wish to expand existing one, favorable period would be before January end and thereafter between mid of June to end of October. Do not start anything new during rest of the period, as it may not beget fruitful results. Overall, during this year, your effort would bring good results in your career and business.
Aquarius 2017 Horoscope
2017 is approaching and is likely to be a rewarding year for Aquarius people. You would enjoy social gatherings, outings with friends and your social status would improve. Aquarius 2017 horoscope also forecasts some challenges, nevertheless, you would face all the challenges very bravely and would come out as a winner. Health of parents would be good except some occasional minor issues. Siblings would be supportive however; elder one may have a tough time and could suffer from ill health.
Your mental stress would decrease and you would enjoy a better time that you deserve due to your hard efforts in past. Your labor would prove to be fruitful and you would attain gains. Aquarius 2017 horoscope shows that you may have a mysterious approach and it is likely that people around you may not understand you well but everyone would accept your efforts and would give you recognition. Your most awaited desires would fulfill during this year so time to be on cloud nine. Your sense of responsibility and ability to take initiative would help you grow during 2017.
Aquarius 2017 horoscope also suggests that you may be spiritually inclined too and would gain much interest in spiritual and religious pursuits. After September, you would initiate many journeys and most of them would be either a pilgrimage or for financial matters and they would be favorable.
You would dominate your opponents and outshine them to ultimately achieve peace of mind. Your sincere efforts and hard work which you have put in past would bestow many benefits in your life and you would achieve rise in society and in profession too.
Overall, this year would be positive and progressive for you and you should grab and make the best use out of the opportunities available to your during 2017.
Aquarius 2017 career and business horoscope: You have been very hard working in the past and now your workload would decrease a bit, as your past work would open the doors to success in your professional life. Aquarius 2017 career horoscope has some good news pertaining to your profession during June to October. It is likely that you may get good hike in position and promotion would be there too. Journeys related to profession would take place during February to June and then, from November onwards, you would receive some good opportunities from faraway places.
According to Aquarius 2017 business horoscope, some ups and downs would be there but, finally your business would swing into high gear. Do not enter into any new partnership as your partner may be of a suspicious nature and may trouble you in future. During March and April, stay away from any false allegations or conspiracy, as it would dampen your image. Implement your strategies to improve business skills and enjoy greater gains through them. Overall, this year would be average for your career and business with planets being in your favor.
Pisces 2017 Horoscope
2017 is a year for opportunities for you and you should embrace them whole-heartedly. This year would bring wise decisions, firm beliefs, rise in income and support from siblings. In a nutshell, Pisces 2017 horoscope has a lot of good news for you. You would gain in wisdom and knowledge and likely to put your creativity and intellect to use for success in many areas of your life. Health of mother might fluctuate and she may suffer from health issues. Father would remain fine but during June to October, he may feel worried.
Pisces 2017 horoscope also shows that your siblings would flourish during this year especially until September and would achieve success in their endeavors. There may be change of place and it is likely that you may have to stay away from your family or partner, mostly on account of professional commitments. As per Pisces 2017 horoscope, you would be more religiously inclined this year and more compassionate too, as you would do charity or social service. Long fruitful journeys might take place in the month of January and then during June to October. Most of these beget good results as desired.
If there are any legal proceedings or disputes against you, it is likely that the result would be in your favor until September. Thereafter, your inclination towards spiritual growth would increase and you may spend over religious or sacred activities. Overall, 2017 would be more beneficial for you as the grace of Jupiter would remain with you throughout the year. Your decisions now would lay a foundation of good rise in your life during this year.
Pisces 2017 career and business horoscope: If you are a professional, your status would elevate during 2017 and chances of good hike in salary exist as well. Your seniors would praise you and would favor you in many ways. According to Pisces 2017 career horoscope, your boss may watch over your work but if you work sincerely and tactfully, they would give you good results. Period between February to May end could be quite tough and you need to work hard to get your work done and recognized and thereafter, during October & November, seniors may not favor you as much. You should be careful during these periods. Rest of the time is quite rewarding.
Pisces 2017 business horoscope forecasts that you may not see results of your efforts immediately but your business would succeed gradually. You would take wise decisions in business and thus your competitors would also praise you. Partnership would also be favorable for you this year. You seem to have fair chances to rise in career or business this year so concentrate on available opportunities and use them as your catalyst for success.
Predictions for upcoming year 2016 is predicted to make you plan your new year
Predictions are made for almost every major sphere of your life based on your sun sign. Knowing astrology predictions help us to make our life happy and have patience during bad time.  No one can change the future but at least we can try to reduce the effect of malefic planets. There are so many afflictions of planets on our birth chart which is the main cause of our problem. Our prediction will help you to identify which planet is affecting good and which is giving the bad time in year 2016.
2016 year would be full of energy and enthusiasm for all the Aries natives. As per astrology prediction you have blessings of Lord Jupiter. If you are getting some problem to go abroad, first half of 2016 will be favorable as the lord of ninth house is in fourth and fifth house, it will also help you to keep you family life beautiful. Year 2016 is also in favor of love and marriage and also for the married couple who wishes for a baby will be blessed.
Year 2016 shall bring in many changes and modifications in your career field. You can expect unwanted changes. Also you can get help from your senior and for the businessmen you can reach in new heights in your business. For student it will be hard year, you need to put some extra effort to achieve what you want. According to the position of Saturn in eighth house and Rahu in sixth house so it will help you and your family stay healthy and just take care when you make a big decision.
According to the astrology prediction of 2016, this year might be lucky and happy for you because lord Jupiter is in your favor. Your future will be on right direction and put some extra effort to complete your task, which will bring you integrity and respect. But Saturn is in your seventh house so it will bring some difficulty in completing the task but if you face that difficulty and complete your tasks it will bring happiness and income in your business and family.
In year 2016, Rahu is in 6th house, so in your love life you can expect loyalty and truth from your partner but if you expect loyalty you also have to be loyal with your partner. Year 2016 will be good if you are thinking of purchasing any new electronic appliances and also it will bring some good result for student with some extra effort.
According to the astrology 2016 predictions upcoming year will bring favorable time. If you want to bring some pleasant time or bring some colors in your life or your loved one’s life you have to put some effort to make it happen. Year 2016 will be in favor for the one who has business or planning to start but must have to work very hard to take their business to new heights and don’t hesitate to take lead or make decision to expand your business.
Complete 2016 will be good but it will be better for one who makes effort. Year 2016 will also get some good news for students appearing in competitive exams. Gemini natives will enjoy good health, wealth and joy of being parents of new born baby.
According to the astrology prediction of 2016 , year 2016 will be very good who are thinking about getting married or someone from your family is in the age of marriage they might have a chance that they find someone. Be very sensibly and have patience in the matter of love, otherwise you might lose someone. Year 2016 will be very good who are working hard, they might get promoted and also get chance to travel for work.  If you are thinking about investing money be careful on that matter.
Year 2016 may give you some trouble in health. However, it will be minor ailments which can be avoided if you be a bit careful.  If we talk about students, 90% of year 2016 is in their side. You might get some opportunity to make your future better don’t miss it. Your personality and social standing will be increased in year 2016.
According to the astrology prediction of 2016 Lord Jupiter is in your 1st house and Saturn in the fourth so the first half of year 2016 will give you mixed result. You will face some trouble but don’t think about it too much, facing them will increase you personality also you will get some good news. You might be get disappointed by the behavior of you loved ones, don’t hustle just be careful. Handle your trouble situation carefully because second half of the year will be in favor and almost all your troubles will vanish. Have faith in yourself.
In year 2016 you will come across good career opportunity. You need to work hard if you want some extra source of income.  In year 2016 your expenses will also be high and savings can be affected.
According to the astrology prediction, the first half of the year 2016 will be full of colorful surprises, which will give you and your family various types of benefits in life because of the position Rahu
you must be careful about your health and your family. Again the first half of Year 2016 will be with full of opportunity for business to grow. Student will get success after putting some extra effort. For love and marriage the year 2016 will give some mixed result so deal with the situation carefully.
Don’t be disappointed if something went wrong just hold up and have some patience and deal the situation very carefully. In the second half of year 2016 Saturn in the third house, the natives will have difficulties in earning and saving.
According to the astrology prediction of year 2016 almost whole year will be fine. Misunderstandings can happen in family but don’t get upset or worried as it will resolve with time. Your health in upcoming year will be good. Don’t take decision in hurry if you are thinking of investing in car or home. Love life and personal life of year 2016 will be full of sweetness filled by your loved ones. Year 2016 will be very grateful and might get you something special if you are working hard in your business or career. You also might have chances to get promoted.
Year 2016 is in favor of student. You will be respected and you public support will also increase. In the second half of the year 2016, Saturn will be in second house so your expenses will rise. If opportunity is knocking your door, grab it.
According to the astrology prediction of year 2016, upcoming year will take your favor but will also give you little bit disappointment. Overall year will be safe and wonderful for you. Sometime you might get some trouble because of the position of Saturn. Family health will be good in year 2016. If we talk about love matters it will be pretty delighted. But for the married couple year 2016 will bring some disturbances because of the Saturn in first house. Just keep calm and deal with the situation with utmost care.
Minor Health issue because of workload can create disturbance but nothing to worry about. For hard workers good time is near also workload can be increased. Your economic situation is going to get better don’t leave hope. Student need to work hard to get the positive result. You are right if you are thinking about investing money but always be careful in matter of money.
According to the astrology prediction of year 2016, starting of year will be giving you neutral result. You have to handle your financial situations very carefully because Saturn is in twelfth house. Do not panic, worry or disturbed in the financial downs just have faith in yourself and stay focused and work hard it will help you to overcome from the situation. You are the only answer of your problem. You have to be stand out for yourself because family behavior and your loved ones behavior can hurt you badly. Starting of the year 2016 will give you lots of trouble but have faith on god.
Next half year of 2016 will get you some good result in work and there is possibility that you income source will increase but you have to work hard. Student who worked hard they will definitely get some good result.
According to the astrology prediction, year 2016 will be filled with full of surprises. Success will be there because of your preparation. Positivity will stay around and your planning will give you result accordingly, if not then not to worry everything happens for a good reason. Money will not be an issue in year 2016. Several good opportunities are waiting for you. First half of year is in favor of marriage. Student will reach to success if they worked hard. Other half of year 2016, will bring you some trouble. Jupiter will be in eighth house so it will get some financial problems which take time to recover.
You have to take control on yourself and don’t be disappointed. If you thinking about investing money please take advise and don’t hurry in investing. Don’t give up, be strong everybody knows that you are capable of making things better.
According to the astrology prediction, year 2016 will have mixed result for you. Love life will give you some ups and downs. You need to improve your way of communication otherwise you might lose your loved ones. In year 2016, you will be tensed about the health issue of your family member, but don’t worry time will pass quickly. Your health will not give you any trouble. In year 2016, resolving the claims can consume your time but you are smart, you will resolve issue quickly.  Year 2016 horoscope prediction says that your love life or married life is going too filled with sweetness also it will be better with time.
In second half of year 2016, your hard working will give you some good result and it’s time to party because good result will increase you income. Hard work of student will lead to success.
According to the astrology prediction, opening time of the year 2016 will give you joy.  Blessed event at home will bring happiness and good time. Don’t get nerves or disappointment if someone talks rude. Don’t pay attention on their words. You eating ways and position of Ketu will give you some health issue so pay attention to your health. If we talk about love matters it’s not bad but not good also because of the position of Rahu. So have faith everything is going to be all right. Your driving can put you in some risky situation.
In year 2016 your career will be on right path. Duties and hard work will increase, don’t hesitate just be strong and take lead. Money will take your favor it means there is a chance of increment.  Student will get some positive result in first half of the year but second half will have some worries.
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