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Lord Ganesha Lost his Tusk

Lord Ganesha Lost his tusk

One day when Lord Shiva wanted to do meditation, he asked Ganesha to guard at the door and asked him not to allow anyone inside the room until he complete the meditation. When Lord Ganesha was guarding the meditating Lord Shiva, Parasuram came there and without asking for permission, he tried to enter into Lord Shiva's room. Lord Ganesha stopped him and for which Parasurama became very angry there broke a fight between them both. In the furious battle between the both, Parasurama threw his axe towards Lord Ganesha, Lord Ganesha allowed himself tobe struck by the axe in respect of Lord Shiva name, which cut his left tusk.

Later when Parasurama came to know that Lord Ganesha was Lord Shiva's son he apologized and got the blessing of the Lord.


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